Sunday, May 31, 2009

episod yg berakhir

22 Mei 2009
Paper BMS tamat pada kira-kira jam 11 pagi. Satu dewan digamatkan dgn jeritan kepuasan daripada sebahagian pelajar. Aku pergi menemui beberapa orang guru dan pembantu makmal buat kali terakhir sbg pelajar kmb (lepas ni, kalau datang pun pasti sebagai pelawat..) Petangnya pula, aku sibuk mengemas bilik utk sesi clearance. Malamnya, aku habiskan masa bersama classmate di bilik tv sambil makan dan menonton 'Van Helsing'.

23 Mei 2009
Pagi ini,aku akan menjadi non-kmbian sbb id dah dipotong...pergi ke bangi bersama barang2 yg bertimbun. huh, tak sangka banyak juga barang2 yg aku dah bawa ke kmb..

29 Mei 2009
Kursus btn tamat hari ini.Kenangan terakhir bersama rakan2 kmb.Pengalaman yg menarik sepanjang berada di tg rhu...Lepas ni, kena belajar mencintai negara krn negara adalah salah satu komponen penting dlm kehidupan sbg manusia bertamadun.

1 Jun 2009

Setiap yg bermula pasti akan ada akhirnya. Itu adalah lumrah dan sunnatullah yg telah ditetapkan ALLAH ke atas makhluk-NYA. Namun, apa yg berakhir akan menjadi permulaan buat sesuatu yg lain pula. Contohnya, berakhirnya hidup sebagai seorang pelajar kmb adalah permulaan diri ini akan bergelar seorang yg dewasa, bukan pelajar kolej lagi dah. Ayuh sama-sama merancang masa depan agar tidak terbiar begitu sahaja tanpa diisi dgn sesuatu yg bermanfaat buat org lain dan diri sendiri. Mari bersama tingkatkan kemampuan diri utk memberi yg terbaik dan terbanyak! Bukankah, tangan yg memberi lebih baik daripada tangan yg menerima? Jadi, semaikanlah jiwa yg subur dgn rasa ihsan dan syukur agar kita mudah menjadi org yg murah hati. Semoga kalendar kita akan sentiasa penuh dgn sesuatu yg mampu membawa kebaikan buat org di sekeliling.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sharing a bit

Event : Convention of The End of Zionist Agenda
Venue : Putra World Trade Centre
Date : 9th May 2009
Time : 9am - 4pm

The advertisement about this event was put up at the information board of my college, just along the pathway to the DS. I was interested to go but I didn't ask any of my friend whether they want to join it or not. I believe some of my friends are going to face a tough week of examination next week, so I kept it to myself. On 8th May, I couldn't stand the feeling of going. Alhamdulillah, HE brought me to the right person, the person who was in charge for the trip.

What the speakers (Dr Roslan Mohd Nor, Dr Azzam Tamimi and Dr Mohsin Soleh) presented were very meaningful (though I didn't awake all the time :( ). It made me to reflect myself a lot. The downfall of Ottoman Empire was one of the point to indicate the weakness of ummah. The tragedy was not only due to a planned conspiracy but also the weaknesses that the ummah possessed. The weakness was a cancer that is killing the ummah slowly. The sad thing is the cancer is still within us! As the new generation of future leader, muslim youth should wake up to do something to bring back the strength of the ummah. We need to discover our own potential and make use of it wisely to fight for the Palestine cause and the ummah!

When we talk about Zionist, we need to be clear that it is not the idea of the Judaism. The idea of Zionism was rejected by the religious Jews or the rabbis. Even today, the Jews are realizing that this idea is actually dangerous for them. As far as I understand from the presentation, Zionism actually was started by Martin Luther as the Christian Zionist. The idea of Zionism is to bring back the Jews to Palestine. To the Christian, sending the Jews there would dig the pathway for the coming of their Messiah who would later kill the Jews. While , on the hand the Jews knew that they could go back to Palestine either by waiting the coming of Messiah (their Messiah) or by force and the Zionists chose to go back to Palestine by force. It was also advised that we should not easily believe the Protocols of Elderly Zionists because it may have been written by non-Jews to make us feel unease and in war with the Jews. A question may arise here; who is using who - the Jews or the colonial power ? It doesn’t matter who are using who because both are gaining their benefits from the alliance. One thing for sure is the muslim ummah is threatened by their alliance. Besides, Zionist can be anyone despite their belief so it is very wrong to say that Zionist is always referring to Jews because a muslim Zionist is exist too - if he/she support Zionism by any means. Zionists are united under the World Zionist Organization.

Another interesting thing that was mentioned by the speaker was Jews are happiest when they are with muslims. Still remember how the Jews were not hurt when Muslim liberated Palestine and how they are killed by the Christians when they enter Palestine? They are always living in peace with muslims, therefore the idea of Zionism is from Judaism is a way to create dispute between muslims and jews.This is not beneficial for muslim and jews but it is good for the colonial power so that they could be the world order (I think so..)

Do you know what is the role of Hitler in the Zionist conspiracy? The Holocaust was what made the Jews convinced to move to Palestine as how British suggested to Theodore Hertzl. Before that, Hertzl was asking for a piece of land in which he never asked for Palestine. This event actually showed the mutual benefit of both parties who work together where the British was able to bring the Jews to the Holy Land and the Jews gained a state.

One valuable lesson I gained here is not to know the project of others too much but I should always try to discover what I can do to save the ummah. Islam is promised to win this battle but it will not happen without the effort to do so. A nice example given was the connection between Imam Al-Ghazali and Salahuddin Al-Ayubi. Imam Al-Ghazali saw the decline and cancerous situation of the ummah of his time and he knew that he had to clean the soul of the kids who would be the ruling generation later. He did this and his students became good scholars. Guest what, one of the scholars produced by his teaching was the one who became the teacher of Salahuddin, who later liberated Palestine.

Comparing the three holy land of Islam, two of them (Makkah and Medina) are always associated with peace and the site of ibadah while Palestine or Baitulmaqdis is the land of Jihad. Wave of jihad will always colour the land with its people who are burning with the spirit to fight rather than surrendering. It is to be noted too that the conquest of Palestine by the kuffar will always result in failure. Though it takes how many years, the effort to conquer Palestine will always be fought.

Hence, the wave of jihad should always be in our heart . Palestinians will never surrender, so should us! In whatever we do, do it whole-heartedly with a strong faith to ALLAH. Especially if we do it with the intention to better the ummah. HE will always be our strength if we do it in HIS cause.

In conclusion, the end of Zionism agenda is not going to happen until we realize and do something to build up unity among muslims. We cannot be weak and backward anymore because if we are weak, they will continue to control us. Just imagine if all the muslim from all over the world are as brave as George Gallaway who bravely brought a caravan to Palestine, would the Zionists be able to resist such revolt? It is in our hand. Why Palestine is chosen to be occupied is to prevent the emergence of a great muslim power. So let us build up the power as whoever we are to make sure the downfall and eradication of the zionism!

The information I shared might create confusion,so do ask. You may also look for the information yourself, discuss this matter with someone who is more expert. Don’t just accept what I write as there might be flaws in my writing but hopefully you gain something from it. :)

insyaALLAH, soon I will attach a pdf file of the paperwork presented by the presenters.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

IB Exam...

Sudah sekian lama tidak menjenguk dan meninggalkan sedikit bicara... Payahnya untuk istiqamah... huhuhu :(

Sekarang, seluruh warga KMB tahun 2 sedang berjuang di medan peperangan terakhir di KMB; IB exam. Peperiksaan yg akan menentukan sama ada kami akan fly atau tak..Selesai menjawab soalan math paper 2, aku menitiskan air mata dalam senyap (walaupun mungkin ada yg melihat).Teringat akan harapan ibu bapa dan guru...Bimbang...Resah...Setelah melepasi interview University of Palacky, harapanku semakin menggunung untuk fly. Lalu, aku terfikir mampukah aku melepasi MARA requirement utk dpt 35?

Namun, bukankah segalanya sudah ada dalam ketentuan Ilahi?Apa yg lebih perlu aku risaukan adalah adakah aku berjaya mengutip redha Ilahi sepanjang melangkahkan kaki utk menghabiskan perjalanan di IB program ini... Semoga diri terus istiqamah dan bermujahadah dgn penuh keikhlasan spjg menghadapi satu lagi ujian ALLAH ini. Teringat pula ungkapan seorang sahabat ; Prayer is the weapon of the believers...Semoga terus dan sentiasa berdoa kerana ALLAHlah satu-satunya tempat bergantung.